Amazing Megalodon Sharks Tooth Fossil Necklace

Amazing Megalodon Sharks Tooth Fossil Necklace
Item# Megalodontooth

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Amazing Megalodon Sharks Tooth Fossil Necklace
AMAZING Megalodon Sharks Tooth! Extinct for over 20 million years, this A+ Megalodon Sharks Tooth is in beautiful condition with very sharp serrations on the tooth edges and beautiful black and grey color! At 4 1/2 inches, this giant tooth is quite impressive! The tooth is wrapped in 14 gage sterling silver and hangs from a thick silver link chain measuring 30 inches! For the real Shark Lovers out there, this one's for You! This the most perfect Sharks Tooth I have ever had in my collection! A one of a kind treasure, something to keep as a fossil heirloom and also to proudly wear! Of museum quality, and what a conversation piece!!

Original Hawaiian Sunrise Shell, Sharks Tooth and Seashell jewelry creations by MonicaByTheShore of Haleiwa, Hawaii. Hand crafted with Aloha on Oahu's beautiful North Shore and in Ko'Olina, on the West Side of the island.

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