See what people from all over the world have to say about Sunrise Shells Jewelry Designs by MonicaByTheShore, made with Aloha one piece at a time on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, in Haleiwa, Hawaii!

I see hundred's of people everyday, from New York to Katmandu. Half of them comment on how beautiful Monica's shell jewelry is. The other half admire silently. I'm so honored to wear her stunning shells. When I order a new piece, it's at my door step in two day's!!! On that note I think it's time for another pair of earrings. Much Mahalo Monica for accessorizing me every where I go.
Hello Monica!! Today I got the earrings..Are beautiful <3 <3 <3 I love them!! I can feel the vibration of the place where are from..The sea, the waves,the big energy of the sun of Hawaii ,the sand..And your talent..Let me say that you are an artist!! How wonderful!! Thank you, I am sending you a picture of me with earrings on !! I send you a big kiss and I wish you a wonderful day!! <3 Aloha,
Dear Monica, I received a pair of your earrings as a gift from my dear husband on my birthday last week and I could not be happier! They match the bracelet that my husband also gifted me with and the set is simply exquisite! My husband and I are returning to the island in a few months and we have talked about visiting you to create a new piece for my "Monica By The Shore" jewelry collection! You are not only blessed with a beautiful talent, but a beautiful spirit as well. Brightest Blessings, Tonya
Hi there Monica! Got the package today - wrapped beautifully! Very pleased and surprised to find that the earrings are actually much more petite and the complimenting shells much more delicate than I had expected. Sometimes I can't always judge from pictures. They are really, really, really lovely. Everything I had hoped for and more in those subtle colors. I'm SO glad you created what turned out to be a perfect match between nature and customer! Would you consider putting them back on your website "custom for Janet" with all the details??? I'd like to print it out and keep it with your card and the earrings in the box for future reference. Wearing with Aloha,
i'm so sorry my haste to get to a meeting this morning i rushed my note to you and didn't mention how grateful we are for your support and generosity!....we thank you very much for your donation and continued support...your jewelry designs are beautiful! Defend Oahu Coalition,
Aloha and Happy New Year, Monica! I love, love, LOVE my new sunrise shell jewelry. Thank you for your beautiful art.
Aloha Monica, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your aloha and welcomed us when we visited you! Since we met, Hide always talks about you and we all think of you wearing your beautiful sunrise shell jewelries… You have touched our heart, and we all pray for your health. Please let us know when you come to Japan! Malama pono, aloha
Aloha Monica: The necklaces are gorgeous! With the yellow shell on the twisted cord they are each perfect for who they are for. They just could not be more prefect. Thank you so much for all the time you took corresponding with me to make them just exactly right. You are a true professional as well as artist.
Dearest Monica, Every year for my birthday I've purchased a sunrise shell from your web store. This year I wasn't able to do that since I'm on a tight budget to focus on our joint retirement plan to sell our home, save our funds and purchase a yacht to live aboard.... So GOSH, when I got my husband's birthday gift and saw it was sunnies from you, I was overwhelmed !! What a surprise!! I am very touched and blessed to have these whole sunrise pair! You did a great job mounting them so I could see them inside and out :) I always love your shells, and anything you make, so this was a very thoughtful birthday present .... Your note was very appreciated too. Thank you for helping my dear and very loving husband, Bob, to get this for me for my b-day. I hope some day we can come visit the islands, and meet you in person. In the meantime we love looking in your web store, seeing your shells and your lovely art and will look forward to our next purchase... We send you oceans of alohas, now and always, Rosa and Bob
Aloha, Monica, WOW!!! The set is amazing! I love it and cannot wait to meet the artist. I get so many compliments on my sunrise set! Mahalo nui loa,
Dear Monica, Thanks so much! I seriously cannot thank you enough for the beautiful shell earrings, and for making them so perfect and making time to do so when I know you are super busy. Your home is so lovely and I really appreciate you showing me your amazaing collection and just for being so nice and welcoming. Loveeee your awesome little hen too! I can't wait to take my earrings traveling:) Also, I can't wait to see more of your awesome creations they just are so beautiful and totally the best and you are so my new absolute favorite artist and feel so lucky to have met you, so thanks again, sincerely,
I hope that your magazine shoot went well! I just wanted to let you know that I just opened my Sunrise pendant. It is beautiful! Thank you. One day I will order a ring too. Aloha,
hey monica- i love love my bracelet even my coworker, that i partner with every day is loving my shells... her birthday is coming up-and i told her, hey-tell your husband to get you some jewelry- monica's shells. kade wore his necklace alllll day, i think he really likes it. because he didn't want me to take it off at the end of the day!! plllllenty people were complimenting my bracelet!!!
Alooha Monica, How are you feeling? I took picture with new Sunrise Shell Pendant & iPhone strap. I love very much them. Big Big Mahalo,
hi monica, first of all thank you so much for the lei! super cool!
Monica, It was so pleasing to again be able to sit down and chat with you. I left your house with a feeling of content and happiness. I'm truly excited to have the opportunity to get the shells that my sister will wear!! And you really took time with me. Sifting through every shell, making me a great offer on what I loved. Being in the military I seldom get the breaks many people believe we get. And while having free insurance for medical is great the paychecks just are not that amazing. Even after 10 years!! I'll forward you the pictures of my sister wearing the shells them the moment I receive them. Thank you so much again for everything!! much aloha
Monica! It's truly my favourite piece I've purchased from you! I really love the pretty feminine colours of it, totally fitting for the surfer girl in me. I think when my friends see it, they'll totally love it!!! I can't imagine having those beautiful shells in your backyard!!! What an amazing thing to see the beautiful ocean everyday!
Hi Monica, I would love to meet you and get a hug from you.i want to go on and on but I keep finding myself coming back and erasing but I just want to say thank you to you for the shell. I love it! I just want to go on and on but dont even know where to start! I hope I get to meet you soon and thank you for bringing me love and I truly love you and your friends and family and the whole world. I want to share this feeling too. I love you and for now Love,
Beautiful appropriately priced merchandise. Very fast shipping and personalized service.
Aloha Monica and good morning! I received the pendant, and I am so glad I went with your advice. It is the biggest sunrise I have ever seen and it is beautiful!!!!! Thanks again for everything. Regards,
OMG just saw the BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, WONDERFUL bracelet you made for Sophia.... I can't believe how beautiful it is... Awww... Monica... Even Rhett is breathless with such a kind gesture from you..... You are really a wonderful friend I love you Monikita!!!!!!!
Love the Aloha with the shells Monica,,,beautiful thx
Aloha Monica!! So sorry so many times message you! But I really wanna say THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for shipping! We just got your shells!! Those are sooooo Nani!! Beautiful! Mahalo nui for everything!! So anyway,I will hand to my sister I really sure she loves it and my dad,too. So beautiful your family!! I love it!! So jealous your life!! Mahalo,mahalo nui loa for everything!! Hope we see you soon!! Have a beautiful day!!
Each one of jewelry pieces is exquisite, beautiful and unique. Her beach candy bracelets and necklaces, her sunrise shell earrings are from nature so nothing is ever duplicated or (ugh!)manufactured! I suggest your asking loved ones for Christmas (?) gift credit and you will have something exceptionally unique representing the beauty of our ocean and Hawaii too! Pure Happiness~Aloha!
Awesome work, shell jewelry as art!
Unbelievable truly one of a kind.
I get THE MOST compliments from Monica's shells. Super original designs and the most colorful, perfect looking shells around. Most wouldn't care for the price, but your paying for quality, most business owners would skimp out on that! Thank you Monica for providing the sunrise shells to all!
Nice jewelry, so different to the usual one !
Aloha Monica! I gave the pendant to Sara for our anniversary, she loves it!
Jake are such a nice person! i was so happy to find a second shell! My mom has been eyeing the green ones since its her favorite color. and she knows im kind of obsessed with the sunrise shells..but she has been hinting on wanting one for a while. I just wanted to thank you for being so nice and easy to work with and so very generous. Im sure i will run into you someday..but i just wanted to show my gratitude. mahalo times 10!!!!
Dearest Monica, Sending alohas your way and Mahalos too for your lovely shells! They arrived a few days ago but I just now caught up on my mail!! Can't wait to visit your webstore again soon. Have a lovely Aug... :)
The earrings are amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and a big hug. Are YOU an angel?? I kind of think you are. Ahhh Monica they are so beautiful! You really made my whole month if not more!! I am so excited and grateful words can't express it.
Hi Monica, I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I absolutely LOVE my Sunrise Shell necklace! I was so surprised! It is so pretty!! I'm wearing it with pride and it makes me so happy!! Aloha!
Hey Monica! Just got my huge yellow shell necklace in the mail, once again what a beauty! So much nicer in person! Thank you sooooooo very much!
Thank you so much Monica! I LOVE the ring! XOXOXOX
Monica provides personal customer service, and has a real gift for making fine jewelery! My girlfriend adores her necklace, and I look forward to additional purchases in the near future.
earrings already here - I am jazzed. I love them and am bringing them to my sister for her birthday next month... oh lucky girl. mahalo for making such lovely creations.
I shopped for weeks for a beautiful Moonrise shell for a gift, Monica had it in the mail within 2 or 3 days of the purchase. Beautiful work and a pleasure to do business with such an enthusiastic artist.
The shells are GORGEOUS Mon!! Thank you so much can u message me your phone # and I'll text u back w mine
I received my item very promptly. It was packaged well and my necklace was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Monica!
I love Monica; will definitely buy from her again!
Hi Monica! I received the Calico and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for all your help! Aloha!
Aloha Monica, The shell is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so excited to wear it. I will be sending you a picture wearing your creation. Thank you again for allowing my family and I visit you on the North Shore. It was a treat! Lil Sammy kept talking about his new shells and was very excited to share them with his daddy. I did get to see the video you made. It was super cool to see all the smiling faces from all the people you have touched! thank you again! I look forward to visiting again someday! Muchos Mahalos,
Hi Monica, I have been getting so many compliments on this shell, people can't believe how perfect this shell looks with all its color. Thank you. Aloha,
Aloha Monica, My sunrise shell is exquisite. I love it and will always cherish it. Attached are a couple of images of me wearing it. Thank you so much. Warm regards,
Aloha Monica, Shell came today,so beautiful. Mahalo Mahalo,
Gorgeous Monica, she will love it! Thank you so much!
My shell has arrived! It is absolutely stunning and perfect in every way! I am going to the Bahamas to dive and will be back June 2. I will take a picture then and send it to you! Again, it is gorgeous! Thank you so much!
Monica, I wanted to tell you that the girls received the necklaces. My one granddaughter who is 7 never took her's off. Thank you so much for your help and confirmation of delivery. The necklaces fit perfectly too!! Mahalo
God bless Monica .... really love your art ... keep wishing you well
Aloha from New Jersey! Thank you for the great work that you did, it totally exceeded my expectations! I have not unveiled the piece yet, but will post a picture when I do. Your professionalism and expedient efforts were greatly appreciated. I guarded that shell with my life on my 3 different flights home, haha. Your studio is very beautiful, keep up the great work.
Your So Awesome!!! Thank You Monica!!! Aloha,
Aloha Monica, We received the ring on Friday. Yay!!!! We love it so- and wish to send you lots of business in the future now that I am a walking billboard for you, honey! :) I'll see about getting a photo to you as well. With love
I got the necklace n earrings. Thank u so much, it's perfect.
Aloha Monica , this is Ronald from NC . Just thought I'd let you know that Jodi received the necklace on Christmas day (because no one checked the mail sat) so that was perfect. In her words it took her breath away. So once again thank you so much. And just wondering how you signed the card, Merry Christmas from Ronald or did you decide to go with something else. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.
THANK YOU!!! he loves it and he was so happy!! he says it's perfect! you made both of our days! :)
Hi Monica, The necklaces arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for being so prompt. I, of course, love the sunrise and shell necklace - my Christmas present to myself (I'm taking it with me to Bora Bora over Christmas)! The keiki sunrise necklace is for my grandaughter. Also, on your website you show bracelets that match my necklace would it be possible to order one of these? Looking forward to hearing from you. Congratulations to your friend on her 1st runner up finish - a good omen for my necklace!
Hi Monica, I looked your Facebook page and website and I was amazed your works and they are so beautiful. I am thinking they are perfect for Christmas gift for my wife in Japan. Unfortunately, I have to send the gift by mail for this Christmas because we can not be together for a while. My wife is pregnant now and expecting a baby next year. So I am looking for a good fortune for her and baby then I found your beautiful jewelry. I am living in Honolulu now. I would like to visit and see jewelry. If you have open hours or appointment needed, please tell me or call me for your best time. Thank you. Best regards,
Aloha Monica, I wanted to thank you again for your hands on service, my 26 year old son Cole who is Navy Special forces purchased this item through me for his mom as he is deployed in Afghanistan any chance you have that jpeg that was on your site so I could send it to him? He was curious as to which one I chose for him and it's off your website? Thank you!!! Mahalo
I would just like to thank you again for the shells, i already gave them to her and she FELL IN LOVE haha, i've never seen her so happy..she's extremely grateful and i will get the picture to you as soon as possible :) and we will definitely have to come up to visit sometime..thanks so much again! God bless! Aloha!
Thank you again Monica. It is always a pleasure.
Hey Monica! I had to share these photos with you from this past Aloha Day Parade. I wore your necklace and got SO MANY compliments from people in the crowd! Thank you again for the gorgeous piece. I'll let you know when we air your episode :) Love,
My beautiful necklace arrived today and I absolutely Love it!! My husband said it looks beautiful and perfect for me. Thank you Monica, it's amazing and my new favorite piece of jewelry. It's my first sunrise shell... And I'm so pleased with it. Aloha and take care. :)
Oh my goodness!! it honestly is magical/slightly spiritual to see the beauty of nature. This is just want I wanted. And its all mine!
Hi Monica, My boyfriend got this necklace for me last week. Thank you so much. It's beyond beautiful! You have such a beautiful collection of shells and jewelery. Way to go! Thanks again.
Aloha, Monica, This is Ayako from Laie, the one just visited your lovely studio with my husband and purchased the sunrise shell bracelet. I wear them everyday, and I have been falling love with the bracelet more and more every day. The bracelet became such a meaningful treasure for me. I am amazed by your beautiful talent. Thank you.
Aloha Monica, Its me, Michelle. Loving all your pieces, giving them as presents to my loved ones and they are all blown away with your work and talent. I was wondering if you had a jumbo, extra large, unusual (though all your pieces are unusual) shell in your inventory that you could make a pendant for me. My daughter is having a birthday and would like to present her with something special. Aloha,
Monica: I am overwhelmed at how beautiful your work is. It looks better than I even imagined. Many mahalos for all your help. I wore it to work today and I had many comments on the beauty of the shell. I will enjoy this shell forever! Thank you Thank you…
Hi Monica, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the beautiful shells. I'm glad I went with the gold instead of the silver. And mahalo for all the cleaning info. Saving up for more shell jewelry, will be in contact with you soon. I'm sorry if I made the transaction difficult for you. I forewarned you...I'm picky. It drives my husband CRAZY! Will be in touch.
Dear Monica, Walter and I were delighted to meet you today. Your inventory of sunrise shells and your jewelry designs are stunning. Thank you for welcoming us to your studio and creating such stunning pieces for me, my daughter, and son's girlfriend. It was a day I will always treasure :-) Take care and best wishes for continued success. Aloha, Brenda
Monica, Received the necklace yesterday. Absolutely stunning--the pictures don't do it justice! The silver serpentine is an especially nice touch. I will send you a pic of your work adorning my stunning bride so you can see how it looks in "real life". Mahalo, Steve
Dear Monica, The parcel reached safety today. It is very beautiful. It is all my image. The size of shell which you chose is perfect for my age. The necklace of gold is not asserted but backs up shell to the utmost. The Sunrise shell of beautiful orange fits my skin. I LOVE it! I appreciate, Monica. The favorite choker has risen to your online site,Red Coral Sun!I would like to buy it dose not sell even if it becomes April,it is my birthday. Thank you,
Monica, I just wanted to let you know your necklaces you made for me give so much Aloha to everyone who see's and asked where did I get such a beautiful necklace...I just wanted you to know that!!!