Beach In A Bottle Round Oley

Beach In A Bottle Round Oley
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Beach In A Bottle Round Oley
Beautiful Ke Iki Beach in a Bottle! Each of my special round Oley bottles are filled with a Beachcomber 's Dream collection of Ke Iki Beach Sand (the most beautiful sand on the North Shore) and a generous variety of Hawaiian seashells. Your little beach treasure bottle will also contain bits and pieces of Sea Glass, Coral, Puka Shells, Cowerie Shells, Sunrise Shells, Cone Shells, and so many more pretty seashells unique to the Hawaiian Islands. Each 4" Oley bottle is wrapped in Hemp cord, tied with a gold ribbon and corked. Makes for a thoughtful gift, a unique Beach Wedding Favor or a nice reminder of a sunny day at the beach for yourself! Filled with Aloha, from Haleiwa, Hawaii.

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