Hawaiian Monarchy of the 1700-1800s

Hawaiian Monarchy of the 1700-1800s
So although there is no historical documentation to substantiate the legend that these beautiful Sunrise Shells were ONLY for the Ali'i - the Hawaiian High Chiefs, or others of Royal Hawaiian bloodline, so much of Hawaiian history was passed down through Mele, or "Chant" that it is entirely possible that the legend is TRUE! Mele, Hula, and the native Hawaiian language were traditional methods of passing the history of the people of the Hawaiian Islands on to next generations.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Kingdom of Hawaii, I have included some of my favorite links in the next section, please enjoy! Click on the picture at left to go to the links page.

Pictured at left: Princess Nahienaena

The History of the Hawaiian Kings and Queens
A great resource that lists all of the Hawaiian Rulers, their geneology, tenure and pictures.
The Woman Who Changed a Kingdon - Hawaiian Queen Ka'ahumanu
This is a intersting article about Queen Ka'ahumanu's influence on the Kingdom of Hawaii, the abolishment of the ancient Hawaiian "Kapu" system and the adoption of Christianity.
The Story of Princess Ka'iulani of Hawaii
A touching story of the beautiful Princess Ka'iulani, "the Peacock Princess", who's bronze statue stands in her honor today in Waikiki. Princess Ka'iulani was heir apparent to the thrown of Queen Liliuokalani, had the Kingdom of Hawaii remained.
Hawaii's Story By Hawaii's Queen
The story of Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani, written by Queen Liluokalani herself! Facinating!
Bishop Museum
Library, archives, resources - the official museum of Hawaii.
An interesting perspective of old Hawaiian values and beliefs.