Sunrise Shell PENDANTS

Sunrise Shell PENDANTS
CLICK Here to see colorful Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendants from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii! These rare seashells found only on a select few Hawaiian surf beaches are a delight to wear and a beautiful way to show your Aloha.

Please enjoy as you browse the Sunrise Shell pendants in this collection. Each shell is as unique as a snowflake or a fingerprint! No two Sunrise Shells are the same!! MonicaByTheShore Sunrise Shell jewelry, designed and created with much Aloha, on Oahu's North Shore, Haleiwa, Hawaii.

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Custom Hawaiian Sunrise Shells Pendants
If you are interested in a specific color, size or shape of Sunrise Shell, I probably have just what you're looking for! Send me an email describing what you would like and we can communicate via photos & emails, texts or phone calls about your "special" seashell! Prices will depend upon the shell you choose. Aloha!

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Custom for "Jenny" Jumbo Peach Colored Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendant
Custom for "Jenny" in Canada, an extra jumbo sized and flawless peach colored Hawaiian Sunrise Shell, full of "Vitamin Sea" to bring a smile to her pretty face! A beautiful shell, one of the largest and prettiest shells I've had the pleasure to create with! Wear with much Aloha Jenny!

A MonicaByTheShore hand crafted seashell jewelry design, made one piece at a time on the North Shore in Haleiwa, Hawaii, with much Aloha.

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Jumbo Extra Large Classic Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendant
An incredibly beautiful shaped and colored jumbo extra large sized 1 1/2 inch Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendant. Classic yellow and soft pink color in this large sized top shell beauty, with thick & highly raised bumpy ribs in pristine condition! A "double bump" at mid shell displays a well defined growth ring. A top quality rare seashell from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii! This perfect Sunrise Shell may be worn as an impressive pendant with it's sterling silver bail or it may be incorporated into a custom jewelry design of your liking. There are countless possibilities for this gorgeous shells presentation!

An exclusive MonicaByTheShore top quality rare Hawaiian Sunrise Shell, hand crafted seashell jewelry designs made with Aloha on the North Shore, Haleiwa, Hawaii.

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Pink & Tangerine Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendant with Sterling Silver Bale
Bright & beautiful pink and tangerine colored Hawaiian Sunrise Shell! In pristine condition & with bright color and great features in the knuckle ridges, a perfect top shell with a thick & sturdy sterling silver bail that will accept any type silver chain, cord or leather necklace. This seashell over 1 1/8 inches (28mm). An attention grabbing shell to be proud of!

A MonicaByTheShore hand crafted seashell jewelry design, crafted with the finest quality rare Hawaiian Sunrise Shells to be found, made on the North Shore in Haleiwa, Hawaii, with Aloha and always one piece at a time.

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* SOLD * Sunrise Shell Pendants
Sunrise Shell Pendants previous sold and shipped all over the World!