2015 Clark Little Photography 16 Month Calendar

2015 Clark Little Photography 16 Month Calendar
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2015 Clark Little Photography 16 Month Calendar
This is my friend & North Shore neighbor Clark Little's amazing photography calendar. It's a 16 month calendar full of extremely beautiful photos of North Shore big waves taken from within the barrel, and with the eye of an avid surfer as well as 'photo artist'. Clark has earned international fame and respect for his extreme wave photography and has appeared on TV stations and magazine covers across the planet! And of special interest to all of my Sunrise Shell fans, you will find it very interesting that many of the waves and beaches that Clark shoots for his photographs are the very same shores where my beautiful Sunrise Shells are found!

This new 2015 calendar is printed on a wider format, 18" x 13.5" and with a special gloss paper that makes the images "pop"! It also includes all US Holidays and Moon cycles. Calendar starts in September 2014.

I promise you, this will be the best $18 you have spent in a long, long time! Enjoy~

**SORRY, the 2014 calendars are sold out, the new 2015 calendars will be available starting in mid-July!