E Komo Mai! Come, follow along with me on a journey off the beaten path through the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Explore the rough, jagged coastline, enjoy the tenderness of a roadside wildflower, hear the thunderous crashing of giant surf and watch the sunset over the ocean in a blink of eye. I'll take you under the waves to swim with sharks and we'll hike out onto the rocks to lay with monk seals. Waterfalls, rainbows, seashells and sunflowers ... lets share it all in my Hawaiian photo gallery. Nature photography with aloha.

All photographs are 8x10 matted prints. Matted photos of other sizes, up to 20 x 24 and including canvas giclees can also be ordered, please email me or call me.

As of October 2010, MonicaByTheShore Photography is proudly on display at Thomadro Art Gallery in the heart of Haleiwa Town, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii! Canvas gicless in several sizes too!

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Waimea Bay Big Guns Surf
Waimea Bay, North Shoe, Haleiwa, Hawaii. Local surfers charge big Waiamea waves on 'Big Gun' surfboards. Wide size, 10 x 8 inches, special cut mat.
BIG Waimea Morning Session
This was an absolutely gorgeous morning on the North Shore at Waimea Bay, Hawaii, with waves up to 30 feet, light winds and clear blue skies it was picture perfect for surf photo. The day soon turned to sadness ~just as I was editing this photo~ upon hearing of the death of World Champion surfer Andy Irons at the age of 32. Andy leaves his wife Lyndie, his family and his unborn baby due to be born in one month. Remembering Andy today, November 2, 2010, Aloha & Rest in Peace.
Waimea Bay Big Morning at First Light
First light at Waimea Bay shines the early morning spotlight on the most beautiful big waves in the world. Surf photo taken November 2, 2010. North Shore, Haleiwa, Hawaii.
Hawaiian Monk Seal
I found this Hawaiian Monk Seal comfortably nestled in the rocks at the end of Kaena Point. He seemed to be so at peace, and so in 'his place'. He looked me over while I took his photo but he wasn't in the least bit annoyed that I was there. I kept a respectable distance of course, as I knew that this was his rock pile and I was just a polite guest aware not to wear out my welcome.
Hawaiian Monk Seal Refuge
Kaena Point is notorious for its dangerous current, giant waves and fierce winds but this tranquil rock refuge is the perfect place for this Hawaiian Monk Seal. Smooth boulders to lay upon, a turquoise blue, calm water ocean lagoon, the soothing Hawaiian sun shine, and all is well on the island for this seal. The promise of the protection of the lava rock out-cropping offers security from the thrashing North Shore breakers just beyond.
Kaena Point Rocky Shore
Kaena Point, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. Beautiful ocean colors, pristine waves, and a jagged lava rock coast that seems to be forged in 14k gold ~ a great day hike.
Pipeline Outter Reef Wave
When Pipe gets big, it Rocks! All the reefs were pitching wave this day! Pipeline, Ehukai Beach Park, Haleiwa, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
Ke Iki Plumeria
Sweet smelling Plumeria flower rests on Ke Iki Beach Sand. The Plumeria blossom is a favorite flower used for the Hawaiian lei. A true Hawaiian Flower Ambassador of the Islands!
Hot Pink Peeking Hibiscus
A humble hot pink Hibiscus peeks out from the shrubbery along the Ke Iki bike path / roadway. Haleiwa, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
Pipeline Hawaii Summer Sunset
Intense Hawaiian summer sunset over the sleeping Pipeline surf spot. Ehukai Beach Park, Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii. 8x10 matted photo print.
Sunrise Shells of Hawaii
Sunrise Shells of the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
Hawaiian Tiger Shark Pair
Rarely seen in pairs, these parallel Hawaiian Tiger Sharks cruise the deep water offshore of Haleiwa, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
Rainbow Falls Waterfall Big Island
Rainbow Falls, Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii. Fed by the Wauiluku River, the sparkling 80 foot waterfall is surrounded by lush rain forest vegetation. Beautiful...
Waipio Valley Misty Rainbow
Sacred Waipio Valley, Big Island, Hawaii. Deep within the valley rainbows hide in the mountain mist. Inspiring peace.
Waipio Valley Tranquil Stream Big Island
Deep within Waipio Valley a tranquil stream winds gently between mountains whose peaks top the clouds. The place of King Kamehameha 1st young life, this blessed Hawaiian aina is rightfully the source of legend and center of true Hawaiian Spirit.
Dole Royal Koi Fish
Dole Plantation's royal Koi Fish graceful fishpond dance.
Hawaiian Sunrise Shells
Brightly colored Hawaiian Sunrise Shells from the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
Waimea Bay Shorebreak Curl Wave
Waimea Bay shorebreak barrel wave at first light.
Waimea Bay Swell Waves
Waimea Bay swell rolls in and shorebreak wave pitch at first light.
Waimea Bay Shorebreak Waves at First Light
Thrashing Waimea Bay shorebreaks shows its colors at first light. North Shore, Haleiwa, Ohau, Hawaii.
Waipio Valley Cliffs Waterfalls
Waipio Valley waterfalls flow thousands of feet above the ocean shore onto the black sand beach below. Big Island, Hawaii.
Waipio Valley Zig Zag Trail Big Island
Waipio Valley, Big Island, Hawaii. The Zig Zag Trail is a full day's hike up the mountain. The reward on the other side of the mountain top is a beautiful waterfall with a deep pool. This trail is known as the King's Path to the Queen's Bath, as King Kamehamea hiked this trail to meet the Queen at her special bathing area.
Rainbow Falls Hilo Big Island
Sparkling clear Rainbow Falls waterfall outside of Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii.
North Shore Waialua Sunflowers
A bright yellow carpet of Sunflowers lay across the Waialua fields, with the Waianae Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
Field of Waialua Sunflowers
A field full of beautiful Sunflowers growing off Kalkonahua, otherwise known as the "Windy Road" through the mountain, Waialua, "the Country", North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
MonicaByTheShore Sunrise Shell Mouse Pad
Bring some Aloha to your workspace and enjoy the beautiful colors of our rare Hawaiian Sunrise Shells while working at your computer!

Finest quality mouse pad imprinted with my original MonicaByTheShore Sunrise Shells image, for a brighter home or office decor with a little Aloha. Made on the North Shore, Haleiwa, Hawaii!

Matching Sunrise Shell Coasters packaged in sets of four & Jar Openers with magnets (perfect to hang on the fridge) are available now!!

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2015 Clark Little Photography 16 Month Calendar
This is my friend & North Shore neighbor Clark Little's amazing photography calendar. It's a 16 month calendar full of extremely beautiful photos of North Shore big waves taken from within the barrel, and with the eye of an avid surfer as well as 'photo artist'. Clark has earned international fame and respect for his extreme wave photography and has appeared on TV stations and magazine covers across the planet! And of special interest to all of my Sunrise Shell fans, you will find it very interesting that many of the waves and beaches that Clark shoots for his photographs are the very same shores where my beautiful Sunrise Shells are found!

This new 2015 calendar is printed on a wider format, 18" x 13.5" and with a special gloss paper that makes the images "pop"! It also includes all US Holidays and Moon cycles. Calendar starts in September 2014.

I promise you, this will be the best $18 you have spent in a long, long time! Enjoy~

**SORRY, the 2014 calendars are sold out, the new 2015 calendars will be available starting in mid-July!
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