Psychedelic Rainbow Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendant

Psychedelic Rainbow Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendant
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about this shell...

Psychedelic Rainbow Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Pendant
So hard to describe this amazing Sunrise Shell I'm just going to name it my "Hippie Shell"! It has a psychedelic rainbow of color patterns, starting with a bright red outline at the hinge (top) that extends downwards in stripes of red. In the center of the hinge area the color is a pearly light pink, but there's also a splash of light blue / purple. There is a distinct growth ring, and from there the colors extends down the ribs to the scallop ruffled edges in stripes of green and yellow. On both sides below the wings are orange & white tiger stripes. Quite trippy!

It is a thick & mature shell throughout and has fine detail in the ribs. The shape has a very wonderful flair and it's large size is slightly larger than 1 1/4, almost 1 3/8ths.

Buyer's choice of attachment methods, I will drill a precision hole at the thick hinge area & attach a gold or silver loop, or will epoxy a Puka Shell hidden in the back of Sunrise Shell so that it is unseen when wearing the pendant.

A top quality Hawaiian Sunrise Shell from the MonicaByTheShore pendant collection. Original rare seashell jewelry designs hand crafted with Aloha on the North Shore, Haleiwa, Hawaii.